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Application for financial aid from SWEA San Francisco


SWEA is the largest organization outside Sweden promoting the Swedish language, culture, and tradition. Internationally SWEA grants around $200,000 a year in donations and scholarships. In addition to the annual scholarship program administrated by SWEA International, SWEA San Francisco has its own program recognizing individuals and institutions mostly in the Bay Area. Every year, grants are awarded to Swedish schools and preschools in the Bay Area, the Church of Sweden in San Francisco, and a SWEA travel stipends to UC Berkeley undergraduate students who are planning to pursue studies in Sweden. Smaller grants are also awarded to various cultural groups and organizations with Swedish connections.

We welcome your application!

We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

1. Click on the link to the Application form
2. Complete the form
3. Return it by e-mail to SWEA San Francisco’s president:

Application Form
Examples of projects
  • Swedish literature for libraries and schools in the area.
  • Support for the Church of Sweden, Swedish retirement homes, and similar institutions.
  • Support for Swedish schools abroad for teaching the Swedish language and culture.
  • Financial contributions in collaboration with Swedish companies in projects with Swedish technology such as water purification, well drilling, ventilation, etc.
  • Arrangement of Swedish exhibitions, arts, crafts, technology, fashion, etc.
  • Arrangement of Swedish concerts, theater performances, author readings, and lectures.

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